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Cooking Tips:

Grilling Tips

Grilling is best for steak cuts such as Tenderloin, Ribeye (Delmonico), NY Strip and Top Sirloins.

Buy only Thick Steaks

  • The fastest and easiest way to ruin an excellent cut of meat is to get it too thin. You will end up with an overdone steak cooking out all the taste.
  • You should always buy steaks that are 1" - 2" thick. This will allow them to sear on the outside without being overdone on the inside.
  • Always cook over the highest heat possible to sear and char the outside locking the flavor and juice (Medium to Medium rare is suggested) on the inside.

High heat! There is nothing like it!

  • Steaks that are cooked after reaching room temperature before you start to grill them provide the best flavor. Cold steaks just don't turn out as well.
  • For the best tasting steak very high heat is required to sear and char the steak on the outside.
  • The higher the heat the better. High heat keeps the steak juicy by cooking it quickly before the juices can escape. Contrary to popular belief it doesn't really seal in the juices -- but it's a good practice anyway for the best, and juiciest, steaks.
  • Steaks continue to cook after they have been removed from the grill. Remove your steak a little before it is cooked the way you like it, that way it will not become overdone.
  • After grilling, it is important to let your steak rest for 5 - 10 minutes before you cut it. This keeps more of the juice in the steak, instead of on your plate as you eat it.