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All of our products are individually vacuum sealed for protection locking in the natural juices and flavor and then flash frozen fresh for storage. Generally beef steaks and roasts can be stored in your freezer at 0 degrees F or below for up to 12 months.

Food safety is always a primary concern, with this in mind Great West products should always be thawed in your refrigerator in the vacuum packaging, unless otherwise directed. This allows the product to thaw slowly while retaining the natural juices essential for great flavor. Steaks and hamburger will usually thaw overnight or within one day in your refrigerator. Larger items such as roasts may take a few days to fully thaw.

Allow proper time for thawing. Thawed steaks may be re-frozen so long as they remained refrigerated and have not thawed longer than one day.

Never thaw products at room temperature or under hot water. Do not be alarmed if the vacuum packaging leaks while the product thaws in your refrigerator. This results from small pin holes which may occur during freezing and/or shipping. As long as the product has been maintained frozen and then refrigerated while thawing there is no need for concern. Place meat on a plate or in a pan to catch any fluid during thawing.